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Your room has a safe service that you can rent at reception for €18/week or €2.70/day. To avoid possible theft or loss, we advise you to deposit all valuables in the safe in your room. The safe is a courtesy service for Privilege and Superior rooms.

Ask for the activation key at the reception desk.

→ Instructions for use:

1. Insert the card and remove it. A green and a red light should appear simultaneously.

2. Enter 4 digits and repeat your personal code.

3. To open the safe, enter your code.

Remember that it will be deactivated at 12:00 on your day of departure

Please leave the safe open when you finally leave the Room.


The contents of your safe are insured up to 3.000 Euro against theft with violence. In case of loss of the key, the client is obliged to pay 15 euros.

The hotel is not responsible for any incidents or loss of objects that are not inside the safe.