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This establishment reserves the right of admission

The entry and / or stay in this establishment of any person who:

  • You are not registered as a customer or have a confirmed reservation.
  • Refuse to identify yourself to the security guards or hotel managers.
  • Is or appears to be intoxicated.
  • Carry any object likely to cause harm to people or things.
  • Carry or consume any type of drugs or psychotropic substances.
  • Evidence of a clear lack of personal cleanliness.
  • Has been expelled from the establishment for inappropriate behavior with advance.
  • Do not respect the rules of behavior and internal regulations established by the establishment.
  • Cause or incite any disorder in the establishment.
  • Has an uncivil behavior that annoys other clients and / or employees of the establishment.
  • Insult and / or disrespect any worker in the establishment
  • Present symptoms compatible with Covid-19.
  • Do not comply with the behavioral demands related to Covid-19.
  • Has been in contact with a person sick with Covid-19 in the last 3weeks.
  • Do not comply with the requirements established by the health authorities in relation to Covid-19 for non-resident visitors in the Canary Islands.